When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

– Lao Tzu

If trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship with self, a sense of belonging is the root system. As we explore our self health, by strengthening and expanding our relationships to ourselves, we will want to explore some questions around this primary human need.

Befriending our bodies

Do we feel a sense of belonging within our bodies, lovingly treating them as our life partners? Can we express a desire for them to be healthy while remaining in love with their present states? Or do we make that love conditional on looking, feeling and/or performing a certain way? How will we be able to cultivate a sense of belonging, anywhere, if we reject our bodies? If we are judging ourselves, how will that affect the trust that we are working to establish?

Flowing with our inner tides

Do we allow space for our emotions and feelings to crest and fall or do we try to deny them, bottle them up, crash up against them? When a thought arises that is in conflict with the values we want to embrace, can we allow it to exist without trying to extinguish it, knowing that, for the moment, it is still a part of us? When our emotional energies rise, crest, and fall can we allow them to manifest without denying them?

Embracing our experiences

How accepting are we of others? Are we able to stay aligned to our core values without trying to impose them on others? Is it possible to find the space to disagree without sitting in judgement? Can we stay in choice with our experiences, considering whether being in conflict with what we are perceiving may invite rejection within ourselves?

Being with nature

Do we feel connected to nature and feel ourselves as a part of it? Do we remember the last time we stood outside with our shoes off, feeling the grass between our toes or the squish of mud under our heels? When did we last stop to smell wildflowers, or run our fingers over a tree trunk? What about tipping our heads up to the sky to feel the sunshine on our faces, or throwing our arms wide and floating with the breeze? How can we use nature to reconnect with the simplicity of being ourselves?

Belonging in practice

Cultivating belonging

Let’s seek out ways to feel in harmony with ourselves, creating a sense of belonging that lives within us:

  • Starting off each day, inviting the question “How can I be open to myself and my experiences today, accepting what is?”
  • Ending each day, inviting the reflection “What am I grateful to myself and others for today, and how did I or will I express that gratitude?”

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