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My Path to Self Health

I’m excited and a little nervous to release this interview by Magda Walczak, CEO of Coacharya where we chat about my journey from an emotionally numbed, work-hard play-hard career driven single mom to embracing self love, emotional freedom and holistic wellness. We also talk about an upcoming free wellness initiative …

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Owning Our Constraints So They Don’t Own Us

Our worldviews filter everything we experience as humans and from this lens we interact with others in the world. From our experience of the world our beliefs, biases, constraints and actions are born. When we are unaware of our constraints and we believe in our perceptions as truth we are …

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Communication and Acceptance in Parenting

When Coacharya approached me about participating in their Perspectives on Parenting video interview series I almost declined. I don’t feel great about some of the choices I made as a parent, and didn’t feel I should be representing myself as an expert. Then I realized that maybe my challenges would …


Choosing Presence over Fear

How are your anxiety levels in these days of 24 hour Covid 19 news coverage? In the following article I share how meditation helps me keep fear at bay and connects me to the “right here right now”.

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