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Finding Self Health

#6 – Worth

How often to we look to others to validate our worth? How often do we allow criticism or our own regret for our behaviours, which are only a part of us, affect the way we feel about ourselves at our core? As we explore our self health, by strengthening and expanding our connections to ourselves, we will need to hold ourselves as being worthy of our love.

Finding Self Health

#1: How do I Trust Myself?

The foundation of every solid relationship is trust. As we explore our self health, by strengthening and expanding our relationships to ourselves, we will want to secure the bonds of trust we hold with ourselves.

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Finding Self Health

Finding Self-Health

On Thursday May 27th, I’m launching the first of a series of practices on the Switchism YouTube channel. In each weekly practice we will be exploring our relationships with ourselves with the intention to rediscover the fullness of who we are.

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My Path to Self Health

I’m excited and a little nervous to release this interview by Magda Walczak, CEO of Coacharya where we chat about my journey from an emotionally numbed, work-hard play-hard career driven single mom to embracing self love, emotional freedom and holistic wellness. We also talk about an upcoming free wellness initiative …

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