Collective wisdom and shared experiences to help you and others reach new heights together.

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a space where we explore individual goals together, within a group of people who have similar objectives. Together we create mutual accountability and collective wisdom. 

In my group coaching sessions, I bring a depth of experience that includes facilitating mindfulness groups, corporate sessions on communication, and leadership development. I also have the rewarding role of guiding new coaches through their certification journey, enriching my own approach to group dynamics.

One of the great things about group coaching is that it’s more affordable than one-on-one coaching. This makes it accessible while still being transformative. The real power of group coaching is the supportive community we build, helping everyone find their path to success.

I had the pleasure of working with Tracy as a coach and program facilitator, and I cannot speak highly enough of her expertise and guidance. Tracy is a wonderful facilitator who has a remarkable ability to guide participants to thoughtful answers and introspection. Her approach is insightful, empathetic, and empowering, and she creates a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth.

What I appreciated most about Tracy's approach was her commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning space. The course was designed to include participants from different professional backgrounds, which proved to be incredibly helpful and interesting. It provided everyone with the opportunity to see differing viewpoints when thinking on a scenario or issue, and it made a lot of sense to create a diversified space instead of one of greater professional homogeneity. Tracy's expertise and guidance helped me gain new insights and perspectives, and I feel more confident and empowered as a result of her coaching.

I highly recommend her as a coach and program facilitator to anyone who is looking to develop their skills and achieve their goals.
- Weronika Walczak

The Process

We Release Details
Watch this space! Very soon I'll be announcing the details about upcoming group coaching programs.
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You Apply
When the program is open for registration, you fill out an application to participate in the group that best resonates with your timing and needs
We Begin
Once you are registered, we'll send you some materials to help you get aligned before our first group coaching session kicks off.
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Tracy is an exceptional coach who deeply understands mindfulness and its applications in our daily lives. Tracy's coaching sessions are highly effective in helping me develop a mindfulness practice and learn how to apply it to my life. Through her program, she helps me to gain clarity on my goals, build self-awareness, and develop the necessary skills to manage challenges. Tracy’s warm and empathetic approach immediately puts me at ease, creating a safe and supportive environment for growth and transformation. Her coaching style is highly interactive and engaging, with practical exercises and personalized strategies.- Gladis Zapata

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