Some words of love and appreciation from happy clients.

Gladis Zapata

GM, Luxury Hotel

Tracy is an exceptional coach who deeply understands mindfulness and its applications in our daily lives. Tracy's coaching sessions are highly effective in helping me develop a mindfulness practice and learn how to apply it to my life. Through her program, she helps me to gain clarity on my goals, build self-awareness, and develop the necessary skills to manage challenges. Tracy’s warm and empathetic approach immediately puts me at ease, creating a safe and supportive environment for growth and transformation. Her coaching style is highly interactive and engaging, with practical exercises and personalized strategies. I also highly recommend Tracy Brown's Beyond Mindfulness coaching program to anyone looking to deepen their mindfulness practice and improve their overall well-being. Tracy is a highly skilled coach who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her work, and her program is truly transformative.

Weronika Walczak

Jewelery Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Tracy as a coach and program facilitator, and I cannot speak highly enough of her expertise and guidance. Tracy is a wonderful facilitator who has a remarkable ability to guide participants to thoughtful answers and introspection. Her approach is insightful, empathetic, and empowering, and she creates a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth. What I appreciated most about Tracy's approach was her commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning space. The course was designed to include participants from different professional backgrounds, which proved to be incredibly helpful and interesting. It provided everyone with the opportunity to see differing viewpoints when thinking on a scenario or issue, and it made a lot of sense to create a diversified space instead of one of greater professional homogeneity. Tracy's expertise and guidance helped me gain new insights and perspectives, and I feel more confident and empowered as a result of her coaching. I highly recommend her as a coach and program facilitator to anyone who is looking to develop their skills and achieve their goals. Thank you, Tracy, for your guidance and support!

Felicia Delvaux


I highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking for a coach who will provide a positive, open, and common-sense space whilst nurturing and guiding. She is patient with an easy-going manner whilst listening deeply and observing, she is able to bring to light what may be beneath a surface and asks questions to guide and illuminate issues to help you move forward. Our sessions brought great comfort and allowed me to slow my busy mind and redirect my energy.

Amy Lu

Fashion Stylist

Tracy is a rare gem; She is incredibly insightful and savvy in the business sense whilst being very understanding and patient on a personal level. I highly recommend her coaching services if you wish to elevate your career or are simply seeking guidance on a personal matter. Tracy is trustworthy, intuitive and very generous with her knowledge and experience.

Paula Di Rita Wishart

Career & Professional Development Coach

I took the life-changing Coaching + Ontology course with Tracy and the very talented Dreyvan Dayse through Coacharya. I also had the opportunity to be coached by Tracy during and after the course. She is hands down one of the most present and compassionate teachers and coaches I have ever worked with. She has a quiet and powerful ability to challenge my assumptions that have led to shifting my perspective in extraordinarily important ways. She is an incredibly open and inclusive teacher as well. In addition to her depth of skills in facilitation and coaching, she brings mastery as a meditation teacher. I have had a meditation practice for over 20 years and have engaged in many guided meditations, and Tracy is really the most gifted guide I have sat with in both her approach and application. I highly recommend her as a facilitator, teacher, and coach.

Jess Martorana

Last year I attended one of Tracy’s Beyond Mindfulness group coaching sessions and it was such a wonderful experience. I was hesitant to join at first, as speaking in groups isn’t always the easiest thing to me to do. But I found myself on a journey just a little outside of my comfort zone and I ended up loving it. I could honestly sit and listen to Tracy talk all day, she has one of those voices that just makes you feel calm and at peace when she talks. She did a fantastic job leading and guiding us through this experience. Tracy would often start with a meditaion to help set the tone of the class. She kept the perfect pace throughout each session to allow time for us to think and reflect, but never left us hanging with awkward silences. It was the perfect space to be able to be open and honest, and to contribute as much or as little as we would like or needed for that day.

Dulcie Pascoe

Personal Trainer

I chose to work with Tracy for a few months while going through some challenges both in my personal and business path, I found that speaking to a life coach certainly helped! To be able to speak to an independent person who also held the same spiritual beliefs as I did gave me huge comfort, and I was able to make some choices that I would not normally have been brave enough to make. I feel calmer and braver to speak up.

Joseph Douros

Marketing Coordinator

The benefits of our sessions together are profound. And it is her approach to the sessions that have made them so effective for me. By encouraging me to identify my own problems and solutions to said problems, I am finding that I am applying these same techniques to my life as a whole.

Kerry Magee


As my coach, Tracy has remained objective and professional; listening and clarifying when needed. I worked through challenges and became aware of deeper seeded feelings I have been carrying, all thanks to Tracy’s coaching.

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